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Diatom mud coated with diatom

Read: 207 | Date: 2018-05-17 | Author: Hangao Building Materials

Diatom is a kind of algae living in the ocean. The sea is the hometown of algae. There are many kinds and large numbers of diatoms. It is called the "Grassland" in the ocean. They create the oxygen that lives on the 70% life of the earth. It is the real cradle of the life of the earth.

Diatoms are deposited and mineralized after billions of years to form diatom minerals, whose main components are opal and zeolites.

The texture is soft and porous. Electron microscopes show that diatom is a nanoscale porous material (the micropore diameter is about 0.1-0.2 micron), with a porosity of up to 90%, regular and neatly arranged in a circular and needle shape. The number of micropores on the unit area is thousands of times more than that of charcoal. The outstanding molecular lattice structure determines its unique function. Diatom has very strong physical adsorption and ion exchange properties. After refined processing, it has been widely used in many fields, such as alcohol and medical injection, food additives, nuclear radiant adsorbents and so on.Diatom precipitation forms diatom mineral, diatomite.

Natural environmental protection
The diatom mud wall material is made up of pure natural inorganic materials without any harmful substances and harmful additives. The material itself is a pure green environmental protection product. Its main component diatom minerals are widely used in beauty mask, beer food filtration and so on.
Purify air
Diatom mud has a unique "molecular sieve" structure and selective adsorption properties, which can effectively remove the free formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other harmful substances in the air and the odor produced by pets, smoking and garbage, and purify indoor air.
Soft color
Diatom mud is colored with inorganic pigments, with soft colors. When people live in the living room with diatom mud, the reflection of the wall is natural and soft, people are not easy to produce visual fatigue, effectively protecting your and family's eyesight, especially for the protection of children's eyesight. At the same time, the color of diatom mud wall is durable, and it is not easy to fade. The wall surface is as long as new, which increases the life of the wall, reduces the number of wall decoration, and saves the cost of the house.
Fire retardant and flame retardancy
Diatom mud is made up of inorganic materials and therefore does not burn. Even if there is a fire, no harmful smoke will be emitted. When the temperature rises to 1300 degrees Celsius, diatom mud is only molten, and no harmful gases and other fumes will be produced.
Respiratory humidifying
With the change of ambient air temperature in different seasons and early and late, the diatom mud can absorb or release water and automatically adjust the humidity of indoor air to achieve a relative balance.
Sound absorption and noise reduction
As a result of the molecular structure of diatom mud, it has a strong noise reduction function, which can effectively absorb the harmful high frequency segment and attenuate low frequency noise. Its effect is equivalent to more than 2 times of the same thickness of cement mortar and stone plate, at the same time, it can shorten the remaining time of 50%, greatly reduce the harm of noise to the person, and create a quiet sleep environment for you.
The construction technology of diatom mud can be completed by traditional craftsmanship and special tools according to different requirements and preferences of customers. The diatom mud veneer is rich in texture, friendly and natural in appearance, vivid and true in texture, and has strong artistic appeal.
Do not stick to dust
Diatom mud is not easy to generate static electricity, and the surface of the wall is not easy to dust.
The life of diatom mud can last up to thirty years.
Diatomite is the main component of diatomite with low thermal conductivity. It is an ideal thermal insulation material. It has excellent insulation and heat insulation performance, and its heat insulation effect is 6 times of the same thickness of cement mortar.

Application: diatom mud is a kind of interior wall decoration wall material with wide application scope. It can be applied to the following places: family (living room, bedroom, study room, baby room, smallpox and so on), apartment kindergarten, old house hospital, convalescent club, theme Club high-grade hotel, vacation hotel office building, style restaurant and so on.

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