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The development of the art of liquid wallpaper - the building materials of Han Gao

Read: 186 | Date: 2018-05-31 | Author: Hangao Building Materials
The development of the art of liquid wallpaper in Shenzhen
The liquid wallpaper combines the cultural background of the East and the west, inherits the romantic philosophy of the west, and fits into the oriental culture properly. It is a cultural heritage, and it is a kind of art.
Liquid wallpaper is divided into two categories: printing and knurling.
Rolling flower art wallpaper series: can roll out various colors of the flower pattern, beautiful, clear and smooth, clear and smooth, the visual transformation, gloss flow, such as brocade silk, high-grade luxury; diverse style, expressive, conquering power, well received by hotels, hotels, KTV rooms and family decoration users love!
The stereoscopic printing wallpaper, the pattern made is convex and stereoscopic, the wall effect is vivid, the stereoscopic sense is very strong, and the pattern can be chosen at will, what patterns do you want to do, very personality and stereoscopic fashion effect, the classic of liquid wallpaper products.
Printing art wallpaper series: can be divided into special type European style romantic type of romantic classy kind of classical class of classic children's luxury class, such as brocade silk, exutrous color, clear pattern, convex and concave, deluge; there are characters, animals, landscapes, flowers, cartoons, poetry, calligraphy and other artistic patterns, can be used as monochrome Double color and multicolor effect can satisfy consumers' individual needs. The overall decoration effect is magnificent, noble and elegant, let people see at first sight, deeply favored by modern decoration designers. Non-toxic and pollution-free, green environmental protection, adding nano factor, can kill poison and prevent mildew, decompose oil pollution, deodorizing odor removal, clean indoor air, have ecological function; coating adhesion strength, scrubbing resistance; high temperature resistance, acid alkali resistance, anti aging, non powdery, no skin, fire retardant and long life, twenty years use as long as new; application for a long time as new; Shi new; application for a long time; application as new; application for a long time; Shi new; It is simple and quick; it is widely used in homes, schools, hotels, hotels, KTV rooms.
A office building, etc.
Texture art wallpaper series: good feel, no seams, no skin, no cracking, anti-aging, anti-oxidation.
Artistic noctuid art wallpaper series: fantastic and beautiful decorative effects, vivid patterns, distinct layers, delicacy, fine, no seams, no skin, no cracking, a free collocation of bottom and face colors, characters, landscapes, flowers, cartoons and so on. It can also be customized and free of radioactive elements. It is a new generation of environmentally-friendly decorative coatings, which is mainly suitable for entertainment places and high-end family homes.
The company is in line with the design concept of "advocating freedom and pursuing perfection", offering reasonable quotations, excellent construction technology and high quality service. After more than 5 years of development, we have trained a group of top art paint construction teams in the industry. It has many years of practical experience and a perfect combination of craft and people's beauty. We have made strict construction standards for the design and production of the wall. It is undoubtedly your warm home, hotel, guest house, leisure club, hotel and office space. The choice is not two.
Our Chinese high school aims at building a harmonious life and letting you have a harmonious, beautiful, safe and healthy home environment.
Our aim is Henkel; we seek development by reputation and live by quality. Our Henkel is sincerely looking forward to serving you with the most sincere enthusiasm, the best quality, the most reliable products and the first-class after-sales service.
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