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The advantages of Shenzhen liquid wallpaper paint

Read: 221 | Date: 2018-05-31 | Author: Hangao Building Materials
The advantages and disadvantages of liquid wallpaper
"Liquid wallpaper", also known as wallpaper paint, is an environmentally friendly water-based coating characterized by wallpaper and latex paint. It is made of acrylic emulsion, titanium white powder, pigment and other auxiliaries. Some are made of shell body with high temperature.
The advantages are: rich color. It can create different visual effects according to the wishes of the decorator. The decorative effect is strong; it is green environmental protection paint, because there is no need to use 107 glue and polyvinyl alcohol in construction, so it does not contain lead, mercury and other heavy metals and aldehydes, so it is non-toxic and pollution-free; it is very anti fouling, because it is water coating. At the same time, it has good moisture and antibacterial properties, is not easy to generate worms, and is not easy to be aged.

The advantages and disadvantages of ordinary wallpaper
1, the decorative effect is good. The wallpaper is rich in color, varied in pattern and large in choice. It can be made of imitating brocade, wood, stone, flower and fabric, with a good texture and solid effect through printing, embossing and foaming.
2, sound absorption, heat insulation, non-toxic, no pollution.  Wallpaper has certain functions of sound absorption, heat insulation, mould proofing, bacteria control and better anti-aging. From the health point of view, the raw material for the wallpaper is pure natural, less polluted paper and PVC resin, without lead, stupid and so on harmful substances, no toxicity, no pollution, very safe use.
3. It is convenient to use and maintain. Basic material for cement, wood, powder wall can be used, easy to maintain harmony with the color and style of interior decoration, the surface of the wallpaper is embossed plastic, good scrubbing resistance, and can be cleaned and scrubbed directly with clean water.

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