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What should be paid attention to in the construction of liquid wallpaper

Read: 187 | Date: 2018-05-31 | Author: Hangao Building Materials
Do you know what to pay attention to during the construction? Let's get to know it together.
What should be paid attention to in the construction of liquid wallpaper:
A color matching method and the choice of the site for the construction of the monochromatic flower type, here is a little mention of the color matching problem of the multi color pattern. In fact, the multi color pattern is similar to the monochromatic color, but because it is a multicolor and a little difference, when you get the mold, you can first see the mold flower pattern. The density of the most dense model of the wallpaper paint is close to the color of the wall latex paint. The color matching of a mold wallpaper paint can be a little deeper than the former, and the color matching of the wall paper paint with the least flower pattern can be matched with the appropriate color matching color. Because the flower of this mold is usually an embellishment, so it can be relatively deep, so the effect of three colors can be combined with the wall very well, and play the best decoration effect.
Speaking of so many, generally met the color of the wall color matching can be basically solved, but there are customers asked to ask: "if the color of the customer wall is like the deep blue, deep red, purple color we can see how do we do it?"
In fact, a similar situation is very simple, do not make any coloring of the paint, direct scraping, because all dark color paint wall is sucking, and the wallpaper paint because of the reason is pearlite in the light, such a light a reflection, a strong visual contrast on the wall, give people a kind of shock. There is no need to worry about the effect of shaking force.

In the mold cleaning, there are some related notices, so we must be careful: our mold is because it belongs to the water-based printing net plate, so when cleaning, please pay attention to only rinse with clean water, not to contact with alcohol, gasoline, banana water and other solvent material, not brush brush, mainly for To prevent the mold surface of the photosensitive glue dissolving and falling off, can only use cotton cloth gently flush the edge of the cloth, the paint sticky on the Internet scrubbing clean, the right and reverse side of the mold should be washed Oh, in the feeling wash almost when the mold to the light check, see where the mesh is not still paint, if there is, still need. Continue to rinse until all the coatings on the mesh and the paint on the border are cleaned.

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