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Shenzhen liquid wallpaper printing screen mould manufacturer

Read: 227 | Date: 2018-05-31 | Author: Hangao Building Materials
The silking moulds of diatom mud are used in 60 orders. The screen mold 60 of our factory is especially suitable for the users of diatom mud. The quality is good for this price, 70 yuan per set, please call in detail, or add QQ.
The combination of liquid wallpaper construction and building materials will make your life quality and efficiency coexist.
Transparent screen print mold flower variety: dark flower, monochrome flower, cartoon caricature, European flower type, gradient effect, double color three color pattern, several hundred background effects, random selection, web album, QQ space picture book also uploaded, welcome to choose. Our aim is Henkel; we seek development by reputation and live by quality.
Our Henkel is sincerely looking forward to serving you with the most sincere enthusiasm, the best quality, the most reliable products and the first-class after-sales service.
Hotline: liquid wallpaper material: Miss Huang 139246464000755-23461696 QQ:2027801852
Engineering Department: Mr. Duan 134242629000755-26461696 QQ:1953539829
Company official website: http://www.
Company address: 7A, Xixiang, Baoan District, Shenzhen, new Xixiang business building, A
Shenzhen hanku building materials Co., Ltd.
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