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Description of velvet construction

Read: 194 | Date: 2018-05-17 | Author: Hangao Building Materials

Velvet construction shows:
This product has many uses. It can be embossed / silk screen printing / printing / printing and scraping and so on. The color can refer to the water-based metallic paint color card.
There are three common practices:
The first is: 1. material: Velvet (a small amount of water, not more than 3%).
2. tools: batch knife, plastic scraper, sandpaper rack, sponge.
Construction method: 1. first use the scraper to make a layer of velvet bottom (thin, but do not leak bottom to cover the bottom), 2., and then do second times to do (side with a batch knife on the sand paper rack towed the natural lines, drag 8 font), 3. dry through 1200 mesh sandpaper grinding (light, feel OK), 4. use plastic scraper color: usable: available: usable: usable plastic: usable: usable: usable Velvet with the same color or other colored velvet blended with water 20%, then scraped with a scraper, and finally rubbed gently with sponge (the last step can not be done).

Second kinds: 1. material: Velvet
2. tools: Plastic scrapers, scalpel
Construction methods: 1. first use scraper to make a velvet base (thin, but do not leak bottom to avoid covering the bottom).
2. after drying, use plastic scraper to sculpt (plane modeling), 3. and so on, dry with 1200 mesh sandpaper (lightly beat, feel slippery hands on OK)

Third: 1. material: Velvet (a small amount of water, not more than 3%).
2. batches of knives
Construction method: batch leveling directly

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