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Shenzhen Hangao Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional construction and sales of natural green decorative paint business, has been focusing on wall art paint, the main liquid wallpaper / diatom mud screen printing mold production, liquid wallpaper paint, knurled paint, printing paint , Metallic paint, Dust cover finish, Texture paint, Diatom mud, Malay paint, Art paint, Imitation sandstone, Real stone paint, Luminous paint, Import master paint and painting tools, etc...

In the company of "respect for freedom, the pursuit of perfection," the design concept, a reasonable price, excellent construction technology, quality and full service. After more than five years of development, we have trained a group of top-ranking art paint construction teams. With many years of actual combat experience, the perfect combination of craftsmanship and human beauty, we have established strict construction standards for the design of the walls. Warm home, hotels, guesthouses, leisure clubs, hotels and offices are the best choices.

We are in line with the principle of working hard to build a harmonious life, and let you have a harmonious, beautiful, safe and healthy home environment!

The purpose of our Hangao; to the credibility of development, quality of survival! We are sincerely looking forward to serving you with our most sincere enthusiasm, best quality, most reliable products and first-class after-sales service!


Corporate Vision: Strive To Make The Product A Famous Brand In China

Our Mission: To Provide Customers With Better Products And Services, So That The Majority Of Customers Stand On The Shoulders Of Hangao, Create Brilliant!

Enterprise Spirit:Love Will Win, Always Put Into The Work With 100% Energy And Status

Corporate Values:Companies, Employees, Third Parties, And Customers Develop Together To Achieve A Win-Win Situation!


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